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 DON’T LET A DUI/DWI RUIN YOUR LIFE DWI, DUI, OUI A DWI (a.k.a. a DUI or OUI) is the most serious traffic related charge most people are likely to get.  It may start with a minor accident or from a traffic stop but a DUI/DWI arrest will definitely ruin you night and unless handled right could cost you your job and maybe even your liberties.  Many states have mandatory jail time beginning with a first arrest.  All require jail time for repeat offenders.  If you get convicted, this is a charge that will stay on your driving/criminal record FOR LIFE. Regardless of the Blood Alcohol Content read (BAC) you can beat almost any DWI.  A carefully examination of the basis for the stop and procedures followed by the officer can be the way to get your DWI dropped.You should hire a lawyer for a drunk driving charge because the stakes are high and time is limited.  Most states suspend your drivers licence automatically unless you file the right forms to contest the automatic lifting of the licence.  And a DUI/DWI can lead to employment issues such as being able to hold certain jobs or operate a company vehicle. This site gives you the details of how a DUI/DWI can be beaten and defenses available to you.  Whether you took the tests or not, remember the state has to prove its case but an experienced lawyer who knows the ins and outs of the system is always preferable to going it alone. Remember that drinking and driving (at least for those over 21) is not a crime.  Driving under the influence or when intoxicated is against the law.  But the state has to prove that you were drunk.  That you had a few drinks is not against the law in ANY state.